Electrolysis and ORP – Oxidation Reduction Potential

Electrolysis, ORP, Oxidation Reduction Potential

ORP —The connection with our aging and disease (Oxidation reduction potential)

ORP is a measurement to know the material’s reduction and oxidation ability, it uses MV as unit measurement. (+) MV means the material has oxidation ability on the other side (-) MV means the material has reduction ability.

Why we need to think about the value of ORP?
90% of water is absorbed by the rectum (-250MV).
The reduction potential of tap water is +450~+650MV
Reduction potential of bottle or original water is +200~400MV

Japan professor named Dr. Guan Gang Chu Zu , his book has talking about the bacterium in the intestines, he took a recording of the  ORP figures in our stomach (+150mv), ileum(-150 mv), cecum(-200mv), rectum(-250mv).of150 mv descending to -250mv tell us a single truth. Water moves through the stomach to rectum but is only fully absorbed int he rectum. The decline of the ORP value is caused by the complicated reaction of bacterium in the intestines. These bacterium need time to bring the ORP down so that is can be absorbed in the rectum. If we drink negative potential water, we could help our intestines absorb more water, before it goes into the rectum. This negative potential water can also be absorbed in the stomach to accelerate digestion.

There are two kinds of bacterium in our intestines
1. Lactobacillus (alkalophiles ) helps the digestive system and it likes to stay in the alkaline (-250mv) environment.
2. Rotten bacterium(acidophilus) help protein decayed and it likes to stay in the aicd (+400mv) environment.

When we ingest too many foods like sweets, meat, protein, bread, junk food, our intestines dont digest food properly. This unusual fermentation in the inteststines produce acidic material and results in a strong acidic environment. These acidic materials also called toxins adhere to the surface of the intestines. This long term accumulation leads to a deoxygenation of our blood, which leads to the blood becoming more acidic which results in chronic disease. Only negative potential water or the ingestion of anti-oxidant foods can help these healthy bacterium and help our blood recover from this acidic state.